Friday, 16 December 2011

Lots of screens? Lots of windows? WindowPad!

I use three screens for work, and I usually have about 12-15 windows open at once. I'm also a bit precious about the window sizes and positions of the things I'm working with - especially when using Visual Studio or another tool with a lot of dockable windows.

I hate having to drag windows about and manually resize them. Enter WindowPad!

It's a little utility which consists of an executable file and an ini file for configuration - you just put it in your Startup folder to use.

WindowPad uses a virtual "pad" to arrange windows, where you can use the Numpad to move and resize windows to fill the appropriate sections of your screens.

Features include:
- Move windows within the current monitor or between monitors (in multi-monitor setups).
- Customize hotkeys via WindowPad.ini with AutoHotkey-like command syntax.
- Define custom commands as labels or functions in WindowPad.ahk.
- Execute WindowPad commands specified on the command-line.

This is one of the tools mentioned in my .NET tools post, but it's the best utility I've discovered in a long time.