Monday, 7 December 2009

Debugging CSS in Internet Explorer: Firebug Lite

Firefox is absolutely brilliant for checking your CSS styles and layout when you've installed Firebug.

It allows you to see where styles have come from in your CSS, and to switch them on or off, or to adjust them to see what changes you need to make to sit your site nicely.

But when trying to figure out why things look the way they do in the abysmal Internet Explorer, there isn't really an equivalent which is as good. You can try the IE Developer Toolbar which is ok, but like the browser it supports it's very clunky and pretty annoying.

I'd been waiting for a Firebug equivalent for IE for ages, and then I discovered that there is a version of Firebug itself which is designed for IE, Safari and Opera: Firebug Lite.

All you do is stick a reference to a little remote js in your page, load it up and you have most of the functions of the full, Firefox version of Firebug!