Friday, 20 November 2009

I Lost My iPhone!


I was at the Kasabian concert at the SECC last week (which was absolutely amazing). At the last song which of course was LSF, I got a text saying that the wife was waiting outside for me to give me a lift.

I took the phone out to text her back since otherwise she would have no idea how long she would be waiting, and someone knocked my arm hard. My much prized iPhone was launched into the blackness of the undulating crowd in front at what seemed like warp speed.

Immediately I went after it and created a space in the crowd with my flapping arms and panicked expressions. A few people around me noticed that I was looking for my phone and joined in the search, but it was never looking good.

The concert finished and after a few more minutes of scanning the floor for a stricken and stamped on iPhone, we were ushered out of the arena by the SECC staff. I reported it to the Control Room at the SECC, the police and O2.

Over the few days that followed, I realised how much I have grown to depend on my iPhone. Not only for the phone calls and text messages, but for the instant access to my email, Facebook and being able to find out the answer to just about any question I could think of just by firing up Safari. It's hugely sad, I know.

Thankfully, the phone is insured via my Lloyds TSB bank account. They have a deal with Lifestyle Services Group, and I've been using them to insure my phones for years. In the past when I had to make a claim, I'd just phone them up, tell them what happened, pay the excess and a new phone would be with me a couple of days later.

Not this time. What a palava.

Everything is now done via mail and fax, which seems like a step back to me. I had to prove that I had reported it to the Police, O2 and them within 48 hours (thankfully I had) and provide proof of purchase. So the claim form is now with them and I'm hoping that I will be receiving a nice new, shiny iPhone sometime soon. If not, I'm gonna be in trouble.

The lesson for me? Don't take it to concerts, sign up to MobileMe (if I had done this, I might've been able to find the phone via the GPS tracker if it wasn't broken) and keep backing everything up.

Though I do have to admit, I have quite enjoyed using the ancient backup phone which has the ability to make and receive calls, and to send and receive texts - and that's it. It's a simpler way to be, no personal data to worry about, no time spent on checking Facebook or emails, and no notion of entertainment on the go.

That said, give me an iPhone any day. Please, Lifestyle Services Group, give me an iPhone.