Wednesday, 29 July 2009

SQL Server 2005 Installation: Issues and Resolution (Errors 29559 and 29515)

I was attempting to install SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition with the following components, and experienced some issues:

· Database Services
· Analysis Services
· Reporting Services
· Integration Services

I thought it might be useful to share my findings in case a Google search brings up these errors and the resolutions I found, since I eventually managed to get everything installed.

Some people might have opposing views on the steps I took, but it works now and that's the main thing.

  1. SQL Server 2005 Error 29559
    Full Error Text (From Windows Event Viewer): "Product: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -- Error 29559. SQL Server Setup failed to modify security permissions on service MSSQLServerADHelper for user V024755. To proceed, verify that the account and domain running SQL Server Setup exist, that the account running SQL Server Setup has administrator privileges, and that exists on the destination drive."
    Background: When attempting to install SQL Server, the following error appeared near the end of the installation when it was attempting to configure Database Services. Was connected to the installation machine over Remote Desktop (mstsc). Had initiall selected to install all of the desired SQL Server 2005 components, with all except database services installing succcessfully in this installation.
    Workaround: Logged onto machine directly rather than over mstsc. Checked that domain account was a member of the Adminstrators group. Removed all traces of SQL Server 2000 files from C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80. Modified file permissions on all files and folders under that location to allow full control to the appropriate domain account.
    Result: The above error did not reappear, the installation proceeded past this point though another error was encountered.
  2. SQL Server 2005 Error 29515
    Full Error Text (From Windows Event Viewer):
    "Product: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -- Error 29515. SQL Server Setup could not connect to the database service for server configuration. The error was: [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Encryption not supported on the client. Refer to server error logs and setup logs for more information. For details on how to view setup logs, see "How to View Setup Log Files" in SQL Server Books Online."
    Background: After setup had proceeded past the point of error 29559 above, the installer was attempting to start the database engine service when the above error occurred. The suggestion was that the problem was caused by the fact that some SQL Server 2005 components (Integration Services, Visual Studio 2005 IDE etc) had installed successfully in the very first installation, so there was some kind of conflict caused.
    Workaround: Removed all traces of all SQL Server (2000 and 2005) installations to begin from a 'clean slate'.
    NOTE: Everything except Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files - you need this to complete 2005 uninstallation. If this does not appear in Add/Remove Programs, you can reinstall it by running SqlSupport.msi, located in the installation folders.
    - Removed everything related to SQL Server which was visible in Add/Remove Programs dialog.
    - Followed uninstall steps for SQL Server 2000 from Microsoft website.
    - Followed uninstall steps for SQL Server 2005 from Microsoft website.
    - Deleted C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server and all its contents (You may experience file lock issues when attempting to delete, in this case you can use Process Explorer to identify which process has a lock on the file and kill it, at your own risk!).- Restarted machine
    - Restarted installation, to install Database Services only. This was done with the goal of minimising risk by introducing installation of other components.
    Result: Installation was successful of Database Services.
    - Started installation of remaining components (Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services), without Database Services.
    Result: Installation of remaining components was successful.

· Remove all instances of SQL Server 2000 before you do any installation of SQL Server 2005 whatsoever, do not attempt to upgrade if at all possible.
· Ensure you have administrator privileges on the machine where SQL Server is being installed.
· Install Database Services first, before any other components.
· Once installation of Database Services is successful, then install remaining components.